Litigation Assistance and Expert Witness Services

For over 30 years, Jack Raber has provided litigation assistance and expert witness services to attorneys throughout the country in cases specifically related to pharmacy practice, pharmacist and pharmacy discipline, pharmaceuticals-related hospital and medical malpractice, improper dispensing of controlled substances, and healthcare fraud involving pharmaceuticals.  A member of the American Society for Pharmacy Law, Dr. Raber is a standards of care expert for both community and institutional practice and possesses a keen knowledge of state and federal statutes and regulations pertaining to pharmacy practice, including pertinent case law. Services include research, consultation, trial preparation, affidavits and expert reports, and trial testimony.  He is available on a nationwide basis to serve as both a testifying expert and a non-testifying consultant in civil, criminal, and administrative matters.  During his professional career, Dr. Raber has consulted in hundreds of cases throughout the country related to …


  • Pharmacist professional liability
  • Pharmacy- and pharmaceuticals related hospital malpractice
  • Long-term care pharmacy standards of care
  • Over dispensing of controlled substances (“Corresponding Responsibility”)
  • Adverse drug reactions
  • Third party drug benefits
  • Drug diversion
  • Mail order pharmacies
  • Drug recalls
  • Duty to warn
  • Supervision of ancillary staff
  • Workers compensation drug formularies
  • Prospective drug utilization review
  • Contract pricing of pharmaceuticals
  • Patient counseling
  • Insurance fraud
  • Medi-Cal drug audits
  • Medicare fraud
  • False claims and Qui tam actions
  • Compounding vs. manufacturing
  • Pharmacy administration
  • Wrongful termination of pharmacists
  • Drug patent and license infringement
  • Pharmacist discipline

Upon request, a curriculum vitae, a case list, references, and a current fee schedule will be provided.  In most cases, a fully-refundable retainer will be required before commencing work on any case.

Dr. Raber also has extensive experience consulting to attorneys representing pharmacists and pharmacies in disciplinary proceedings before the California Board of Pharmacy.  If required as part of any stipulated settlement with the Board, Dr. Raber is also available to serve as a consultant or practice monitor to the pharmacy for the duration of the discipline.